Analytics & Calculation

Analytics and calculation

  • Thermodynamic analysis of gas mixtures
  • mechanics: Stress and safety factors, deflections, torsion, bearing loads and bearing life (for rolling bearings)
  • starting torques
  • critical bending stresses
  • Torsional Analysis
  • simulation of thermal expansion, bending, twisting and thermodynamics on FEA basis

Gears and rotor profiles

  • Dimensioning of gear wheels
  • Development of rotor profiles
  • Endface Coordinates
  • characteristic data: profile areas, sealing line length, blowhole area & moments of inertia
  • Volume curve
  • Gas loads and profile transmission torque
  • Inlet and outlet contours
  • Tool Coordinates
  • Preparation of the coordinates of measuring machines
  • Calculation of the end face view from measured tool coordinates
  • Evaluation of the coordinate measurement

Acoustics & sound measurement

  • Sound power calculation (ISO 2151)
  • Microphones (ISO 3744): based on sound pressure | FFT/CPB analysis (line spectra, 1/3 octave band)
  • Vibration measurement (ISO 7849): based on structural vibrations | FFT/CPB analysis (line spectra, 1/3 octave band)
  • Sound Intensity System (ISO 9614): Use of sound intensity | FFT/CPB analysis (line spectra, 1/3 octave band)
  • Calculation of pressure pulsation: pressure spectra, sound pressure | FFT analysis (line spectra)