Compressed air plant construction

Planning / Installation

There is neither a blueprint nor a master plan for compressed air systems. The requirements for a compressed air station are specific, dependent and individual depending on the application and company. We plan, design and install specially tailored systems and thus guarantee the best energy solution for your company. This promise also applies to the revision or expansion of your existing system.

You benefit from
  • sustainable compressed air through optimized solutions adapted to your needs
  • energy saving through increased energy efficiency
  • comparative offers and cost transparency within the project planning
  • alternative (manufacturer-neutral) selection of compressors and components
  • cost transparency in the entire planning process
  • personal contact persons, support on site, permanent availability
  • long-term partnership in service and maintenance

Ventilation construction

The generation of compressed air causes the generation of waste heat. This waste heat in turn generates overheating of the compressor room. Due to the overheating the compressor switches off and your compressed air supply can no longer be secured.

Together with you, we develop intelligent ventilation concepts for your compressor room in order to prevent the failure of your compressed air system and, in addition, to use the waste heat economically and advantageously through heat recovery.

You benefit from
  • securing the supply of compressed air to your production/operation (failure protection)
  • economic and energetic ventilation concept
  • cost savings through the use of heat recovery
  • extended service life of your compressor system

Pipeline construction

There is a symbiotic relationship between the production and supply of compressed air. The best compressed air station cannot deliver its full performance to the end user in the event of a loss-making pipeline network.

To deliver the compressed air exactly where it is needed, at the right pressure and at the lowest possible cost, the design and construction of the pipeline system is the decisive factor. There are numerous aspects that must be carefully considered.

The Compressed Air Center Dortmund is your competent partner for the project planning and implementation of pipeline construction. We will be happy to answer all your questions regarding the construction, dimensioning, material or whether pipe or stub line is required.

We support you with
  • the development of the best possible solution in terms of economy and energy
  • during reconstruction or expansion of the current pipeline system
  • installation of standard piping concepts
You benefit from
  • individual, precisely fitting compressed air network
  • optimum compressed air supply at all points of delivery
  • savings through higher energy efficiency and avoidance of waste

Container solutions

Compressed air containers are always useful when space in the production hall is a scarce resource or when the compressed air station is planned separately from the production conditions.

We offer you suitable container concepts for your self-sufficient compressed air station from planning, production, installation to monitoring.

We support you with
  • the conception of your suitable container solution
  • the planning, construction, installation and monitoring of your self-sufficient compressed air station
You benefit from
  • no loss of space in production
  • flexible compressor room, independent of production
  • individual, tailor-made concept for your compressed air requirements
  • effort and cost savings through turnkey solutions