Design & Development

Compact design for more efficiency

The focus of the design and technical layout of the housing elements is on maximum weight reduction with guaranteed rigidity, the advantage of easy assembly and a stylish feel for form in accordance with aesthetic principles.

The combination with analytical machine geometries and the continuous further development of flow channels, inlet/outlet contours etc. with consistent adherence to defined gap dimensions promises a high and long-lasting efficiency of the compressors.

Symbiosis: rotor and profile

The design of the rotor is determined by the design of the profile, in particular by the length/diameter ratio and the special configurations of the wrap angles.

The highly developed rotors go through several cycles of development from mechanical analysis to profile analysis. An elementary important phase of this development is for example the selection and testing of the suitable raw material and the optimal coating of the rotors according to the defined catalog of requirements, especially for oil-free compression.

Low noise development

Silencers on the air compressors serve to minimize noise. They convert turbulent flows at the outlet into linear flows by pulsation smoothing and additionally use a nozzle effect to synchronize the fluid flow, thus significantly reducing noise. In addition, a multi-chamber system optimized for volume flows ensures lower pulsations.

Our Engineering-Service

Our engineering serviceThe technical service team at DRUCKLUFTZENTRUM DORTMUND works out solutions for all your needs, starting with the design and analysis of the model, through to the coordination and communication of all relevant data from development, design, testing and production, including the complete technical documentation of screw compressors.

During production we carry out control measurements of the cast parts and monitor the dimensional tolerances and microstructure of the material. The final testing of the compressor stage is carried out with the most modern measuring technology such as temperature, pressure or vibration sensors.

All evaluations of the test bench including an evaluation of all dismantled components as well as the assembly instructions we have prepared are of course made available to the customer in full.