The field of application of modern piston compressors is versatile from industry to trade. They offer a reliable, flexible compressed air supply and operate particularly efficiently. These units are used in the low, medium or high pressure range (up to 400 bar) – and oil-free units are also available.

Overview of our range of piston compressors
Available variants
  • Single Compressor
  • Single compressor, soundproofed
  • Single compressor lying on tank (tank horizontal or vertical)
  • Single compressor lying on tank, soundproofed
  • Complete station, soundproofed with dryer on container
  • Mobile compressor
  • Several compressors in one housing
  • Diesel compressor
Advantages piston compressors
  • loss-free direct drive
  • oil lubricated or oil free
  • ideal for low or occasional compressed air requirements
  • very low outlet temperature
  • easy control
  • also available as complete station with container and dryer

The piston compressor belongs to the group of reciprocating compressors and operates on the positive displacement principle. The volume of air is compressed in one (single-stage compression) or several compression chambers (two or more stages) by means of the piston(s) and then expelled again. The piston compressor works cyclically, unlike a screw compressor, which continuously compresses air.