Couplings are indispensable for creating a flexible connection between compressed air line and consumer that can be easily disconnected at any time. Quick-release and safety vent couplings are special hose connections that meet the safety requirements of DIN EN ISO 4414.

Couplings shutting off on one side

Suitable for standard applications. Can be released and reconnected with one hand even under pressure.

Coupling shutting off on both sides

Especially suitable for liquid media. Easy operation with one hand. Both sides are locked when loosening.

Safety Vent Couplings

Two separate release mechanisms on the safety venting coupling ensure that the connection between coupling socket and plug can be released after venting the pressure-carrying working line.

Unmistakable coupling

Four different codes and the additional color coding of the coupling socket and plug prevent media mix-up when connecting.

These couplings are particularly helpful in applications where frequent tool changes or maintenance intervals of partial components are required. When assembling the components, the employee can clearly assign which lines can be connected to each other. This prevents accidents and saves time.

Claw coupling

Claw couplings consist of two symmetrical components which are locked together by a rotation.