If you need large quantities of compressed air, a screw compressor may be the appropriate solution. A screw compressor also has very low operating noise and delivers up to 13 bar of pressure. Depending on the application, an oil-injected, oil-free or water-injected compressor is recommended, with or without speed control.

Overview of our range of screw compressors
 oil injected
screw compressors
dry running
screw compressors
water injected screw compressors
Compressed air qualitynormalhighhigh
Operating pressure max. 13 bar13 bar13 bar
Power up to315 kW315 kW132 kW
Volume flowup to 45 m³/minup to 45 m³/minup to 20 m³/min
Field of applicationgeneral industry, workshopfood industry, pharmaceutical industry, medical technology, electrical engineeringfood industry, pharmaceutical industry, medical technology, electrical engineering
Advantages screw compressors
  • suitable for continuous operation
  • water-cooled or air-cooled
  • if necessary with speed control
  • low noise emission
  • load/idle running operation as base load compressor
  • oil injected or oil free

The demand for oil-free compressed air is increasing in many branches of industry, especially in those areas characterized by hygiene and quality standards, such as the food and pharmaceutical industries. According to the quality class DIN ISO 8573-1, end products are described which only come into contact with absolutely oil and grease-free air.

Depending on the conditions in the compressor room, an oil-free screw compressor with air or water cooling can be used.