You want to switch the compressed air supply off and on in a controlled manner? Whether for the maintenance and repair of systems or to switch off entire areas in the compressed air piping network. A shut-off valve allows the controlled closing and opening of pipelines and thus the compressed air supply.

The suitable shut-off valve

Select the appropriate shut-off valve for your application. A shut-off valve can be actuated mechanically, pneumatically or electrically:

Type of operationmechanicalpneumaticelectrical
Path function2/2-, 3/2-way2/2-, 3/2-way2/2-, 3/2-way
Valve typeShut-off valve, drain valve, ball valveBall valve with pneumatic rotary actuator (single and double acting)Ball valve with electric actuator, solenoid valve (servo-, force controlled), pressure controlled valve
Connection sizeG 1/8 to G 4, R 1/8 to R 4, plug connection 4 to 12 mmG 1/4 to G 4G 1/4 to G 4