System extensions such as manifolds, 3/2-way valves, 3/2-way ball valves, start-up seat valves, check valves and flow meters complete and complement the compressed air line in a useful way.

They manage the distribution, shut-off or even slow pressure build-up in a compressed air network.


3/2-way valves can switch the compressed air supply on or off electrically or pneumatically. A 3/2-way ball valve allows the compressed air supply to be switched on or off manually.

A start-up seat valve controls the slow pressure build-up to prevent damage caused by starting the consumers too fast.

Differential pressure-flowmeter

A differential pressure flowmeter is suitable for the permanent monitoring of flow rate and line pressure in a compressed air line. For example, compressed air leaks can be detected early. The specific compressed air consumption of machines and systems can also be measured continuously.

It is also possible to set limit values which can be provided with an alarm.

Further installation options and applications:

  • Can be used as a stand-alone unit or integrated into a maintenance unit
  • Measurement using the differential pressure method: flow value, line pressure
  • Connection to a controller within the building services or on the machine
  • No calming section necessary
  • Ready to measure immediately, less energy consumption