Within the scope of compressed air measurement, the following data, for example, can be monitored:

  • Compressed air quality
  • Filter (When is it necessary to replace the filter?)
  • Tightness (leakage) of the compressed air network
  • Compressor performance
  • Efficiency of the compressed air system
  • Pressure of the compressed air system
  • Differential pressure
  • Volume flow
  • Dryer monitoring
  • other

The archived measured variables can also be evaluated and analyzed as a data basis for possible extensions, new designs and optimizations.

Pressure sensor / differential pressure sensor
  • Quick installation under pressure via quick coupling
  • Differential pressure: between 1.5 mbar and 4.2 bar
  • Pressure probe: -1 - 15 bar (vacuum/overpressure)
  • Absolute pressure: 0 - 16 bar
  • Pressure probe: 0 - 10 bar (16/40/100/250/400/600 bar) overpressure
Pressure dew point sensor
  • Long term stability, fast reaction time
  • For all types of drying
  • Quick installation under pressure via the standard measuring chamber with quick coupling
  • Measuring range adsorption dryer: -80 °C to +20 °C
  • Measuring range refrigeration dryer: -20 °C to +50 °C
Volume flow sensor / flow meter
  • Integrated display for m³/h and m³
  • Applicable for different types of gas
  • Depth scale for exact installation
  • A safety ring prevents uncontrolled ejection during disassembly/assembly under pressure
  • For an operating pressure up to 50 bar
  • Suitable for installation in existing pipelines from diameters 1/2 inch to DN 300 and larger
  • 4...20 mA analog output for m³/h or m³/min
Paperless recorders for compressed air and gases
  • Clear color display with touch panel
  • Provides connection for up to any 12 sensors
  • Metal housing IP 65 or control cabinet installation
  • Display as daily/weekly/monthly evaluation with costs in Euro and meter reading in m³
  • Provides typical key figures for compressed air systems for internal calculation and energy management
  • Fault messages can also be sent by SMS or e-mail
Electricity meter / active power meter
  • Measured variables: voltage, current, cos phi, active power, apparent power, reactive power, active work, mains frequency
  • Interface: RS 485 Modbus
Leak detector
  • Leak detection by ultrasound during operation
  • Robust and light for comfortable work
  • Incl. sound funnel for better localization and soundproof headphones
  • Integrated laser pointer facilitates target bearing
  • Operating time min. 10 h
Measurement technology for other applications
  • Stock control
  • Monitoring of heat recovery
  • Room temperature monitoring
  • etc.