Pneumatic hoses are made of different materials depending on the task. In addition to standard designs for industry and workshops, there are also a number of very special special compressed-air hoses.

The food industry in particular regulates very precisely the use of special materials.

The design of the hoses is also adapted to the task. A spiral hose, for example, is particularly suitable for use on moving parts or for manually operated pneumatic tools.

A variety of pneumatic accessories such as ear clamps, hose holders, worm drive clamps and hose reels complete the range of pneumatic hoses.

Material and applications
MaterialFields of applicationVariants
synthetic rubberIndustry, workshophigh pressure-resistance
PVCIndustry, food industry,
Laboratories, construction, agriculture,
Water treatment, gastronomy
high pressure resistance, food approval
PolyethyleneIndustry, food industryFood approval
PolyurethaneIndustryHydrolysis and microbe resistant, DUO tubing, flame retardant according to UL94V0/V2, LABS-free, spiral tubing
PolyamideIndustrySpiral tube
Food industry
MaterialSoft PVC class ASoft PVC class A with polyester fibre reinforcementPolyethylene
Structure (layers)131
Material characteristicsFlexible, UV-resistant, chemically resistant, food safe, plasticizer-freeHigh pressure resistance, UV-resistant, chemically resistant, food safe, plasticizer-free
Areas of applicationPressureless pumping of water, acids and bases, liquids and food in powder formextraction of industrial gases, food and waterDelivery lines in the food sector
Fields of applicationFood industry, laboratoriesIndustry, food industry, water treatmentIndustry, food industry
Temperature range-15 °C to +60 °C-15 °C to +60 °C-15 °C to +60 °C
Approvals / StandardsFood quality after 2007/19/CEFood quality after 2007/19/CEFood approval according to FDA 21 CFR 177.120 c 2.1